Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A Whistleblower Channel

Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A values integrity, transparency and responsibility in the relationship with the public. Therefore, true and honest information and the caring about the ethical conduct of leaders, collaborators and suppliers are always valued.

This channel was established so that our employees, suppliers, customers, service providers, subcontractors, partners and third parties in general can register reports of suspected violations by employees of the company, current legislation and / or precepts established in our Code of Ethics.

The Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A Whistleblower Channel is operated by Deloitte, a serious and independent company, which ensures the confidentiality of your information. There is no registration of the IPs of the users’ computers of the system via the internet.

Get to know the Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A Code of Ethics and the Compliance Policies by clicking here.

You can also register your report by sending an e-mail to: or by contacting us at 0800 721 1494 .

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1) How do I contact the Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A Whistleblower's Channel

  • There are three ways to contact Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A Ethical Channel, these are:
  • 0800 721 1494

  • 2) What types of complaints can I make?

  • Must be denounced, always in good faith: Any internal or external situations, involving employees of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A or contracted outsourced professionals, that violate the Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct of the Third Party, the Compliance Policies of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A and current legislation.

  • 3) What subject can be taken to the Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A Whistleblower's Channel?

    Remember, it is not a channel for complaints, compliments or suggestions. All stakeholders should report unlawful acts and unethical behavior, such as:
  • Discrimination of any kind - religious, social, racial, sexual, political, educational, cultural - or any act that harms human individuality;
  • Sexual or moral harassment;
  • Use of communication systems and channels of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A for the dissemination of any offensive content, such as pranks, rumors, pornography or other forms of discrimination;
  • Defamation of the name or image of the company, its employees, shareholders and other partners;
  • Any form of data tampering and plagiarism;
  • Payment or receipt of bribes or gratuities, or gifts, entertainment, or hospitality as a form of corruption;
  • Practice of anticompetitive activities;
  • Practice of illicit in the procedures of bidding and contracting public or private;
  • Unlawful acts, such as theft, robbery, sabotage, conflicts of interest, fraud and others;
  • Inadequate use and lack of zeal with the assets of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A and of Third Parties that are under its custody and responsibility, especially the public patrimony;
  • Execution of works or businesses competing for the activities of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A;
  • Marketing of products or services or any other type of activity that is outside work functions during office hours;
  • Guarding or carrying of weapons of any kind in the premises of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A by employees or visitors, except by legally authorized professionals;
  • Non-compliance with the laws and other aspects of the Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct of the Third Party or the Compliance Policies of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A.

  • 4) How to identify deviation from Ethics and Conduct?

    You are being unsure about the right thing to do, make yourself questions like:
  • Is the action consistent with the values and policies of Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A?
  • Is this action incorruptible and legal?
  • Is my source of medical information preserved?
  • Can I be proud of my actions when telling my family?
  • If you answer "no" to one of the most recent questions, get an orientation with a Compliance area.

    5) What does Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A do after receiving a report?

    When received, the complaint will undergo a preliminary analysis for investigation. The scope of investigation is precisely to verify, in an impartial and independent manner, the veracity of the information provided. Some reports turn out to be unfounded. Sometimes this is due to lack of evidence or to incomplete and fragmented information. Therefore it is important to provide as much information and evidence as possible.

    6) How can I be sure that I will not be identified?

    You will only be identified if it is of your choice, as the denunciation can be made anonymously, without you mentioning your data. The Denunciation Channel is under the management of Deloitte, an independent company, which guarantees the security and anonymity of any report made from anywhere, such as work computer, home or any internet portal.

    7) What is the period of application of the complaints?

    There is no deadline. All complaints are evaluated and dealt with. The calculation time will depend on the complexity of the case.

    8) Will I receive the complete information of what was done at the end of the investigation of my complaint?

    The complainant can follow the updates of his report through the Ethical Channel on the Internet or by telephone, using the protocol number and password. On the internet, a section called "Conclusions on the Report" will be available, where you will have final information about your complaint. Details of what was done are not disclosed in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the process. However, the denouncer should understand, on a daily basis, improvements related to the fact reported in his work environment.

    9) How can I follow the report I made?

    You will receive a protocol and a password to follow the progress of the complaint by calling 0800 721 1494 or by visiting: You can still provide additional information about the event to assist in the investigation.

    10) My department has few people and everyone is involved in a conduct that violates the Code of Ethics. If I report it, they will easily know that I was the whistleblower. Who will guarantee my protection?

    Vital Engenharia Ambiental S/A has Communication Channels Policy and Against Retaliation, which guarantees protection to any employee who provides information or assistance in the determination of possible violations.

    11) Is there, after the service timetable, a recording requesting the report of my complaint? How can I get protocol and password in these cases?

    The protocol and password are issued only when the registration is done by telephone (when there is support from an attendant, from 7am to 8pm, on weekdays), internet and email. Calls that occur from 8pm to 7am are recorded on an answering machine and analyzed in the same way as all complaints. The only difference is the impossibility of issuing protocol and accompanying password if the complaint is anonymous. If you identify yourself to the recording the day after your contact, an attendant will contact you, clarify any doubts and inform you of the accompanying protocol and password.

    Your identity will be preserved.

    Whistleblower Channel: IT IS SAFE, YOU CAN TRUST.